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            Career Training FAQs

            How Does Computer-Based Training Work?

            Computer-based training is a learning method in which a computer program is used as the teacher or instructor. With this type of training, you are able to teach yourself with little or no outside help from a teacher. Continue reading to learn...

            How Long is Apprenticeship Training Typically?

            Apprenticeship training blends classroom instruction with work experience and is customary for a number of jobs in the construction, repair and services industries. Read on to find out how long a program may take to complete.

            What are Apprenticeship Programs?

            Apprenticeship programs teach a worker the skills and knowledge needed to perform duties in a chosen occupation through on-the-job and classroom training. Read on to learn more about what an apprenticeship entails.

            What are Online Vocational Courses?

            Online vocational courses are classes offered on the Internet that train you for jobs in areas such as 五福彩票通用版1.0下载land security, computer technology, education and many other careers. Read on to learn more about how these courses work.

            What are the Requirements for Attending Career Schools?

            The requirements for attending career schools, also commonly referred to as trade or vocational schools, vary greatly depending on the school and the student's educational interests. Some requirements may include an entrance exam and/or placement...

            What are Vocational Classes?

            Vocational classes teach students a skill or trade by using a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. For those not interested in obtaining a college degree, vocational classes can be useful in developing skills that can...

            What are Vocational Schools?

            Vocational schools are also known as technical, trade or career schools. While many offer a well-rounded education, vocational schools place greater emphasis on preparing students for specific careers or occupations. Most vocational schools are...

            What Free Career Training Opportunities Are Available on the Web?

            A variety of free career training opportunities are available online. From basic job hunting and workplace success skills, to technology or counseling training, you can find free training courses at the sites described in this article.

            What is a Career School?

            A career school is a trade or vocational school for adult learners who wish to pursue a specific trade or career path. This article provides information about career schools and what they have to offer.

            What is a Trade School?

            A trade school, or vocational school, is a specialized educational institution that focuses on a single skill-based vocation. Read this article to find out more about trade schools and if one would be right for you.

            What is Career Change Training?

            Career change training involves coursework, training or other activities to enable a person to improve his or her employment opportunities. This article provides information about career change training reasons and opportunities.

            What is Career Development Training?

            Many employers include career development training in their benefits packages, giving employees the opportunity to further their professional education and advance their skills. If offered through your company or agency, career development...

            What is Continuing Professional Development?

            Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to educational and training programs for professionals who want to update, improve or expand their skills. Many postsecondary schools and professional associations offer CPD programs online or on...

            What is Job Skills Training?

            Job skills training programs are usually available based on income or job situations and typically include displaced workers, young adults and the 55-and-over population. Read on to find out what job skills training is all about.

            What is Professional Development?

            Professional development is the pursuit of knowledge that helps students, teachers and other professionals achieve career advancement or enhance their personal effectiveness at school or work. Continue reading to learn about mandatory and...

            What is Vocational Training?

            Vocational training is education in preparation for a specific career or trade. Vocational training typically takes two years of school or less, although trade apprenticeships often take four years of on-the-job training. The term 'vocational...

            What Kind of Courses and Programs Will I Find at a Trade School?

            Trade schools offer numerous specialized degrees and certifications in programs, such as those for automotive technology, fashion design, computers and electronics careers. Many of these programs train individuals, such as mechanics,...

            Where Can I Find Training Courses for a New Career?

            When people decide to switch careers, they often must complete training courses before they can embark on their new venture. Continue reading to find out where you can find training courses for a new career.

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