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            Engineering and Engineering Technology FAQs

            Chemical Engineering FAQs 12 Articles

            Civil Engineering FAQs 32 Articles

            Design Engineering FAQs 31 Articles

            Electrical Engineering and Electronics FAQs 51 Articles

            Engineering Management FAQs 11 Articles

            Environmental Engineering FAQs 23 Articles

            HVAC Technology FAQs 22 Articles

            Industrial Engineering FAQs 29 Articles

            Land Surveying FAQs 10 Articles

            Marine Engineering FAQs 20 Articles

            Mechanical Engineering FAQs 37 Articles

            Quality Assurance and Safety Engineering FAQs 37 Articles

            Systems Engineering FAQs 12 Articles

            Telecommunications FAQs 28 Articles

            Engineering and Engineering Technology FAQs articles

            Accelerated vs. Regular Engineering Degree: What's the Difference?

            While a regular bachelor's degree in engineering generally takes four years to complete, an accelerated program can allow you to earn an M.S. with one more year of study. Read on to learn about other differences between these two programs.

            Acoustic Engineering Courses and Schools

            The world of acoustic engineering puts you in control of research and technology related to sound, including uses like sonar and underwater technology. This field of study is available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels, often...

            Acoustic Engineering Degree Programs

            Find out about degree options in acoustic engineering and the entrance requirements for these programs. Get information about courses commonly offered and key topics in these classes.

            Acoustics Degree Programs

            Acoustics programs consider how sound can be used in fields like architecture and music. Find out about courses commonly offered along with degree levels available.

            Automation Engineering Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Automation engineers design, create and test automated equipment and system processes. Learn about what automation engineering degree programs are offered, potential coursework, online options and what jobs are available after graduation.

            Bachelor's Degree Programs in Sound Engineering

            Sound engineers set up and operate the audio electronic equipment used for concerts, television broadcasts, recording studios, theaters and more. Learn about the curriculum of a sound engineering bachelor's degree program, and find out if it is...

            Bachelor's Degrees in Aeronautical Engineering: Online and Campus-Based

            Undergraduate online degree programs for aeronautical engineering are rare, but you can easily earn a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering at on-campus locations. The skills and knowledge gained can prepare you for an aeronautics career or...

            Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Review your options for earning a bachelor's degree in one of the many specialized areas of engineering. Learn about on-campus, online, and hybrid degree programs in engineering, and find out how online education works. Explore some of the course...

            Colleges for Sound Technicians

            Get info on choosing a school for your sound technician studies, and read about resources that can help you find an approved program. Explore certificate and degree programs for aspiring sound technicians, and find out what courses you'd take at...

            GIS Technician: Career and Salary Facts

            Explore the career requirements for a GIS technician. Get the facts about education needed, optional certifications and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

            How Can I Become a Sound Engineer?

            Explore the career requirements for sound engineers. Get the facts about education requirements, required skills, salary, and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

            How Can I Find Live Sound Technician Schools?

            Read about your formal training options for becoming a sound technician, including individual courses, certificate programs and associate's degree programs in fields like sound technology or audio engineering. Explore what you'd learn and what...

            How Do I Become a Sound Engineering Technician?

            Research what it takes to become a sound engineering technician. Learn about education requirements, certification options, job growth and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Much Do Engineers Typically Make?

            Answering the question 'how much do engineers make?' requires examining several factors, including the kind of engineer. Here we discuss some of the variations and explore a few examples in depth.

            Instrumentation Engineering Degrees: Online Programs

            A degree in instrumentation engineering or automated control systems can provide you with the technical education that qualifies you for a career in electronics, digital systems and drafting, leading to employment in a variety of industries. You...

            Master's Degree in Instrumentation Technology

            If you've always been interested in electronics, imaging and how computers are used to control the latest technology, you might want to consider a master's degree program that covers instrumentation. Learn more about the field, what degree...

            Master's Degrees in Engineering Technology

            At the graduate level, engineering technology program focus on using emerging technologies and applied methods to create new products or improve existing products. Read on to learn about specialization options for master's degree programs in...

            Master's Degrees Programs in Engineering

            Master's degree programs in engineering are available in many different fields of study, including mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering. Learn about the requirements to enroll in an engineering master's degree program as well as...

            Master's in Aerospace Engineering: Career and Salary Facts

            Read on to learn about the professional Master of Aerospace Engineering program as well as an option resulting in a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Get relevant career and salary info for program graduates, too.

            Mining Engineering Degrees: Online Programs

            While there aren't any mining engineering programs available online, you can earn your undergraduate, master's or doctoral degree in mining engineering on a college campus. You'll learn to conduct geological surveys and develop plans to extract...

            Online Aerospace Engineering Degree Programs

            Read this article to learn more about Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering programs designed for working engineers. Learn about prerequisites, characteristics of online programs and common topics of study.

            Online Classes in Aerospace Engineering

            Aerospace engineering classes can teach you to improve aircraft through testing, research and design. Read on to learn about online degree options and course content.

            Online Degree Programs and Courses in Audio Engineering

            An online undergraduate degree program can prepare you to engineer sound for radio, television, film, Web or other media. Explore programs and courses to see what you'll learn. Find out what you'll need to complete online study.

            Online Degree Programs for Aspiring Nuclear Technicians

            An online associate's degree program in nuclear technology can provide you with the math and science skills that you need to work as a nuclear technician at a nuclear research lab or nuclear power plant. Read on to learn more about program...

            Online Engineering Associate Degree Programs

            Learn about associate's degree programs in the field of engineering that are offered online. Get details about how online learning works, see the kind of topics covered and discover career information about jobs in the field.

            Online Engineering Courses

            Engineering courses are available online and cover everything from the basics to specific issues that engineers are dealing with today. Learn about what is covered in online engineering classes and what to expect from an online course.

            Online Engineering Graduate Programs

            Learn about how to get into an online graduate program in engineering. Find out about what classes will be included in the programs, technical requirements and what jobs you will be eligible for after graduation.

            Online Engineering Technology Degree Programs

            An engineering technology degree program can prepare you for a career where you can be part of a team developing new products and technology. You can even earn a degree online without taking time from your working schedule. Keep reading to learn...

            Online Sound Engineering Schools

            Review your options for studying sound engineering, such as through individual courses, certificate programs and degree programs. Explore some of the course topics you could study in an online sound engineering class or degree program. Find out...

            Online Undergraduate Degree Programs in Engineering

            Learn about what sort of engineering degrees are available online and what online programs are like. Find out about program prerequisites and included coursework, sorted by engineering specialization.

            PhD in Engineering: Salary and Career Facts

            Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a Ph.D. in engineering. Read on to learn more about career options along with certification and salary information.

            PhD Programs in Engineering Technology

            A degree in engineering technology gives you exposure to designing and building technology. While engineering technology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees are not available, you can consider earning your master's degree in this field. Keep...

            PhD Programs in Engineering: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Find out about online options for engineering Ph.D. programs. Read on to learn more about what curriculum programs will cover, program prerequisites and what jobs you'll be qualified for after graduation.

            Sound Board Technician Schools

            Get info about choosing a school for your sound board technician training, and read about your options for earning a certificate or undergraduate degree in this field. Explore some of the course topics you'd study at each of these program levels....

            Sound Effects Technician: Career and Salary Facts

            Research what it takes to become a sound effects technician. Learn about education requirements, job duties, and salary potential to find out if this is the career for you.

            Sound Engineering Majors: Salary and Career Facts

            Learn how a major in sound engineering can prepare you for a variety of careers. For information about degree programs, learning outcomes, and potential earnings, read on.

            Sound Engineering Master's Degree Programs

            Learn what master's degree programs are available in the field of sound engineering, such as those in audio engineering or music technology. Learn about the necessary prerequisites, and explore career options for a person with a sound engineering...

            Sound Technician Certification and Training Programs

            Sound technicians work behind the scenes in the music or movie industry, where they work with audio production technology. Read on to learn what training is available for aspiring sound technicians and how to become certified. Get info on...

            Sound Technology Schools and Degree Programs

            By studying sound technology, also known as music technology, recording technology or sound engineering, you'll be able to find career opportunities working in recording studios, as well as for broadcast and live music venues. To learn more about...

            Top Online Engineering Schools

            Get tips about factors to consider when selecting an online engineering program. Learn about top schools that could allow you to earn your engineering degree online and the engineering disciplines you could consider.

            What are Some Common PhD Level Engineering Jobs?

            While you can enter most fields of engineering with just a bachelor's degree, others require graduate studies. Keep reading to learn how a doctoral degree can help you advance in your engineering career.

            What are Some High-Paying Engineering Careers?

            As an engineer, you can choose from a variety of specialities, including many that offer high pay. Some examples of these high-paying careers include biomedical engineer, aerospace engineer and computer hardware engineer. Read on to learn about...

            What are Some of the Job Duties of a Research Engineer?

            Research engineering is as varied a field as engineering itself. Research engineers design new products and technology. Research engineer duties will depend on the branch of engineering in which they work, as well as the industry in which the...

            What are Some of the Job Duties of IT Engineers?

            Whether you're at a major corporation or a small business, you'll find that many workers quickly turn to information technology (IT) engineers when computer systems malfunction. Read on to learn about the job responsibilities of the IT engineers...

            What are Some Popular Types of Engineering Jobs?

            The work of engineers has a huge impact on your daily life. For example, you're reading this article right now through the efforts of a computer hardware engineer and an electrical engineer. Continue reading to learn about some popular...

            What are Some Popular Types of Technology Training Available Online?

            The types of technology training available online vary from skills training to professional certification to full online degree programs. Read on to take a look at some of the more popular types of online technology education.

            What Are the Best GIS Schools?

            Learn about some important considerations for choosing a school with a good program in geographic information systems (GIS). Review three top-ranked schools with GIS programs, and explore the degrees you could pursue at each school.

            What Are the Best Schools with Sound Engineering Programs?

            Review the typical characteristics of a school with a strong program in sound engineering. Get info about two well-ranked schools with programs in this field, and find out what kinds of sound engineering degrees you could pursue at each school.

            What Are the Courses in a General Engineering Certificate Program?

            Most engineering certificate programs are highly specialized, meaning that general certificates are extremely rare. There are, however, multiple options at the degree level. Read about the courses that make up these programs below.

            What Are the Courses in a Materials Engineering Degree Program?

            The courses required in a materials engineering degree program will depend on which level of degree you're seeking. Topics and core courses in all levels include material structures, defects, thermodynamics and kinetics. Prerequisites also...

            What Are the Courses in an Online Master's Degree in Engineering?

            Online master's degree programs in engineering are fairly plentiful, but many are highly specialized in one area of engineering, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering. This article discusses the core courses...

            What are the Job Duties of a Gas Engineer?

            Gas engineers find resources and develop the best ways to move gas products from one place to another. Read on to learn gas engineers about this career.

            What are the Most Popular Engineering Majors?

            The principles of engineering involve technical and mechanical invention and problem solving. Engineers work in every facet of business and industry. Keep reading if you want to know about some popular engineering majors.

            What are the Requirements for Becoming an Engineer in the U.S.?

            Engineers in the United States need a bachelor's degree in engineering. Engineers who work with the public are also required to become licensed. Discover how to become an engineer by diving into the educational, skills, and engineering...

            What Classes Are Required to Become an Instrumentation Technician?

            Read on to examine the required classes to become an instrumentation technician, from science to industrial technology and from circuitry to computers. These courses can help you earn an associate's degree that qualifies you to work as an...

            What Colleges Offer an Engineering Associate's Degree Program?

            Associate's degrees in engineering can be found at many schools across the country五福彩票通用版1.0下载, although they are especially prevalent at community colleges. Read this article to learn more about schools that offer associate's degrees in this field.

            What Do Process Engineers Do?

            Process engineers help turn chemical substances into useable products. Read on to get a process engineering definition, process engineer job description, and information on their typical responsibilities, education, and average salary.

            What Does a Concrete Engineer Do?

            Concrete engineers perform many duties in the concrete industry, working on everything from creating the concrete mix itself through designing and building infrastructure projects to industry management positions. These duties vary with an...

            What Does a Control Engineer Do?

            Control engineers make systems work efficiently and predictably. Control engineering is a relatively new field that combines engineering and mathematics.

            What Does a Cost Engineer Do?

            Cost engineers use practical skills, knowledge and experience to determine project costs. Read this article to learn more about how to become a cost engineer.

            What Does a GIS Analyst Do?

            Explore the career requirements for GIS analysts. Get the facts about job duties, education requirements, certification and the employment outlook to determine if this is the right field for you.

            What Does a Landscape Engineer Do?

            Landscape engineers help transform flat construction sites into pleasant green spaces with trees, grass, and plants. Keep reading to learn more about the job description and requirements for this career.

            What Does a Locomotive Engineer Do?

            The locomotive engineers who operate trains do far more than sound the horn and guide passenger or cargo trains to their destination. Read on to find out more about what a locomotive operator does and what training is required to enter this...

            What Does a Radio Engineer Do?

            Radio engineers are responsible for repairing and maintaining a variety of equipment. Continue reading to learn about the basic responsibilities of a radio engineer, and how to acquire the skills and education required by the job.

            What Does a Railroad Engineer Do?

            A railroad engineer does much more than just drive the train - he or she is ultimately responsible for the entire train during a run. Railroad engineers usually work up to the job title with on-the-job training in other railroad jobs. Read on to...

            What Does a Sound Engineer Do?

            Sound engineers and technicians bring audio to life, distinguishing Madison Square Garden from your karaoke night. Find out more about industries sound engineers can work in and get info on their job duties and salary statistics below.

            What Does a Stationary Engineer Do?

            Stationary engineers service air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems in industrial and commercial buildings. Job duties, training information and licensure requirements for this career can be found below.

            What Does a Steel Engineer Do?

            Steel engineers build lasting bridges, keep planes in the air, and make skylines more interesting for everyone. Find out more about what a steel engineer does and get details on career outlook and salary for these professionals below.

            What Does a Support Engineer Do?

            If you've heard of 'support engineering' and wondered, 'supporting what, exactly?' then here's your answer. In this article, we'll define a support engineer's job, clarifying duties and responsibilities, work environment, and salary statistics.

            What Does an Instrument Engineer Do?

            Manufacturing firms and processing plants employ instrumentation engineers to create, monitor, and troubleshoot complex instrumentation to optimize productivity. Read on to learn more about the job responsibilities of an instrument engineer.

            What Does an Instrumentation Technician Do?

            Instrumentation technicians ensure the proper functioning of automated manufacturing equipment. They use a variety of instruments and devices to record and report data. Read on to learn more about their job duties, educational requirements, and...

            What Does an Oil and Gas Engineer Do?

            Oil and gas engineers work in several areas of petroleum exploration and extraction. Typically, an oil and gas engineer specializes in one area, but needs to be mindful of the entire process since the engineering and production components work...

            What Does it Mean if an Engineering Major is ABET Accredited?

            If you're wondering whether an engineering program meets a high standard of quality, you might check to see if it holds ABET accreditation. As an accrediting organization, ABET defines quality standards for engineering programs and accredits only...

            What is a Project Engineer?

            Project engineers have many different responsibilities in different industries and disciplines. They usually manage large engineering projects and ensure that they're completed on schedule at low risk. Qualifications for project engineers may...

            What is a Red Hat Certified Engineer?

            A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a professional with exceptional experience in systems administration that holds certification through Red Hat. Read on to learn more about this certification from Red Hat.

            What is a Soil Engineer?

            The job of a soil engineer is to analyze the soil structure of a proposed building or construction site and to understand problems of existing structures due to conditions of the ground underneath them. To learn more about the field of soil...

            What is Business Process Engineering?

            As a business process engineer, you design and implement operational methods that promote an organization's overall efficiency and reduce costs. Read on to learn more about this field.

            What is Combustion Engineering?

            Combustion engineering harnesses the energy from heating fuel. The applications of combustion engineering are used in everything, from 五福彩票通用版1.0下载 heating systems to car engines, and in all areas of manufacturing. A degree in mechanical engineering or...

            What is Component Engineering?

            Component engineering involves the selection, maintenance, design and construction of smaller parts for larger 五福彩票通用版1.0下载. Component engineers are needed in all manufacturing industries, from the auto and space industries to defense. A degree in...

            What is Hydraulics Engineering?

            As a hydraulics engineer, you can play a vital role in the design and functionality of bridges, dams, levees and canals. Keep reading to learn more about this engineering discipline.

            What is Materials Engineering?

            Materials engineering works with materials at all levels down to the molecular and atomic. Materials engineering is fast becoming an important part of nanotechnology.

            What is Microbial Engineering?

            Microbial engineering includes fields such as biotechnology, chemical engineering and alternative fuel development to study the role of microbes in plants, bacteria and 五福彩票通用版1.0下载. Read on to learn more about this discipline.

            What is Production Engineering?

            Production engineering is included in manufacturing engineering and although there are not usually production engineering degree programs, it is a common subject in manufacturing engineering programs. Explore these programs here.

            What is the Course Curriculum of an Engineering Doctoral Degree?

            With a doctorate in engineering, you can take your innovation, imagination and technological skills and advance into management or research. Read on to learn more about the typical curriculum for a doctoral degree in this field.

            What is the Job Description of a Live Sound Technician?

            Explore the career requirements for a live sound technician. Get the facts about training needed, salary potential and career outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

            What is the Job Description of an Acoustic Engineer?

            Research what it takes to become an acoustic engineer. Learn about salary potential, job duties and employment options to find out if this is the career for you.

            What Is the Salary for Someone with a Master's Degree in Engineering?

            Learn about the different fields of engineering and how much you could make with a master's degree in this discipline. Get salary info for several types of engineers, including civil and aerospace engineers.

            What is Tissue Engineering?

            If you want a career that combines bioengineering with medical research, you might want to look into tissue engineering. Read on to learn about the field of tissue engineering and how you can be a part of it.

            What is Usability Engineering?

            Usability engineering is used to determine to what degree a product or prototype will be user-friendly. It often pertains to the field of software development. Read on to learn more about this field.

            What Top Universities Offer Engineering Bachelor's Degrees?

            Bachelor's degree programs in engineering are available from hundreds of schools across the country五福彩票通用版1.0下载 in a wide variety of disciplines, including electrical, civil, mechanical, environmental and petroleum engineering. Read on to learn about some of...

            What Universities Offer an Accredited Master's Degree in Engineering?

            Accreditation assures students that they are receiving a quality education that will be recognized as such by potential employers. Read on to learn about a few universities that offer an ABET-accredited M.S. in Engineering.

            Which Schools Offer an Online Engineering Ph.D. Program?

            Those pursuing a career in engineering have the opportunity to take online engineering classes to earn a Ph.D. in Engineering. This article discusses a couple of schools that offer such online training programs.

            Which Schools Offer Courses in Sound Engineering?

            Degree programs in sound engineering will provide you with the tools and techniques that will help you capture sound in ways that enhance clarity and artistry. Learn about some of the best schools in the country五福彩票通用版1.0下载 and see what degree levels they...

            Which Schools Offer Distance Learning Engineering Bachelor's Degrees?

            Although many U.S. schools offer online classes or distance learning opportunities in engineering, few provide a completely online bachelor's degree program in this field. Read on to learn about two schools that offer distance learning programs...

            Which Schools Offer Free Online Engineering Courses?

            Many schools and universities are offering free online engineering courses because of the advances in technology. With video, podcasting and online meeting sites such as Facebook and Web-based conferencing, these free courses can be made readily...

            Which Schools Offer Locomotive Engineering Training?

            Locomotive engineers work with trains of all types. Read the article below to learn how you can get the education needed for a career as a locomotive engineer.

            Which Schools Offer Online Associate Degrees in Engineering?

            Learn about three schools that offer online associate's degree programs in engineering. Find out about course requirements and how these programs work.

            Which Well-Known Schools Offer a Doctorate Degree in Engineering?

            There are many accredited institutions in the U.S. with doctoral degree programs in engineering. These include the University of Massachusetts Francis College of Engineering, Michigan State University College of Engineering, Florida Institute of...

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