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            Student Saver

            Most Recent

            • 10 Graduate Gifts to Help Save for the Future

              Mar 25, 2016 – Money is a pretty standard gift for high school and college graduates, but giving them items that can save them money takes the gift one step further. This article lists ten gifts that graduates (or at least their wallets) will truly learn to appreciate.

            • How Students Can Save by Giving Back

              Mar 25, 2016 – Students can save money in college by giving back to their communities. We've gone over a few of the ways you can give back, like donating shoes and clothing or giving blood.

            • Freshmen: Do You REALLY Need that Course Reader?

              Mar 24, 2016 – As you approach your first day of college, you may be wondering what and what not to bring with you. Take a look at the list below prior to packing - chances are, you can save some suitcase space and a little heartache.

            • Understanding Your FAFSA Package

              Mar 23, 2016 – Getting financial aid is the only way many students are able to attend college, and completing the FAFSA is the first step. Aid can be in the form of loans or grants. Read this blog to get an overview of the different types of aid offered in a FAFSA package.

            • How to Qualify for a Fee Waiver on Your College Application

              Mar 23, 2016 – College application fees can end up being expensive, especially if you're applying for multiple schools. However, there are a few ways that you can apply to colleges for free. This article outlines some things you can do to save money on college applications.

            • Are International College Rankings Dangerous?

              Mar 23, 2016 – International college rankings might seem like a reliable source of information about an individual learning institution. However, there are some important details that might remain hidden.

            • Should I Join the ROTC?

              Mar 17, 2016 – Students may be considering whether or not they'd like to join a Reserve Officers' Training Corp program at their college or university. So we've listed a few of the pros and cons, in detail, to help you decide.

            • Free Online Acting Resources and Drama Classes

              Mar 15, 2016 – For those interested in free online acting resources and drama classes, we've listed a few options for you to consider. Whether you're looking to improve your acting skills or get better at reading scripts, we've got you covered.

            • Why You Should Start Saving for College Now

              Mar 08, 2013 – College costs are increasing steadily every year. With this in mind, the sooner you can start saving up, the better. Continue reading to learn more details on why now is the time to establish your college savings.

            • A Time-Saving Guide to Citing Sources in College With MLA

              Feb 15, 2013 – MLA is the common way to refer to one of the most frequently used formats for college papers. An important part of writing an MLA formatted paper is having proper citations. This article can help you get down the basics of MLA citations, so that you can find and organize your reference sources more quickly and avoid plagiarism.

            • Never Forget an Online Password Again

              Jan 22, 2013 – If you're having trouble with an aggregate of passwords across multiple digital platforms, then take a look at some of these password managers. We've covered a few that can help you stay organized and secure on the web.

            • Visit Your Financial Aid Office Without Waiting in Line (It's Possible!)

              Jan 17, 2013 – Most students have to visit the financial aid office, and the wait can sometimes be horrendous. However, students can cut down their wait time, or even eliminate it, with a little bit of strategy. This article offers a few tips that can reduce wait time both outside and inside the financial aid office.

            • 5 Ways Students Can Make Spring Break More Affordable

              Jan 08, 2013 – Sure, going to Cancun for spring break may be the college student's dream. But Caribbean destination trips can be expensive. So how can you get away for spring break without too much money getting away from you? Read on to find out.

            • Will Owning a Printer Save Money?

              Dec 07, 2012 – At most colleges, you can either bring your own printer or use the school's provided printers for a fee. Here are a few pointers to help you decide if a personal printer is a better option than a school's communal print option.

            • Student Saver Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for That Special Someone

              Dec 04, 2012 – Buying a holiday gift for that special someone could sometimes be tricky. But there are plenty of ways for you to express how much you care about them with some of these helpful hints.

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            • Think You Can't Afford to Study Abroad? Think Again!

              Oct 25, 2012 – Studying abroad is a popular choice among college students. Although it might seem like an unaffordable luxury to some, we've offered some tips to the contrary.

            • Determine Your Study Style to Make the Most of Your Study Time

              Oct 18, 2012 – Making the most of your study time is critical in college. We've come up with a series of questions for you to determine your style of studying.

            • 10 Cheap Halloween Costumes for Students

              Oct 15, 2012 – Halloween is a holiday where people dress up in costumes to celebrate. If you don't want to spend too much on a costume, here are ten cheap Halloween costume ideas, from a professor to a nudist on strike to a zombie.

            • 5 Ways Students Can Save on Commuting

              Oct 12, 2012 – As a commuter student, you save money when it comes to room and board fees, but the trade off is you have to spend money on transportation. Traveling expenses can add up. Check out some tips that can help you cut down on your commuter expenses.

            • 5 Simple Ways to Ace Your Next Test

              Oct 10, 2012 – Every student likes the feeling of getting an 'A' on a test. But As don't come easy for most. You may be one of those students who has to really put a lot of effort into studying. With the tips in this blog, you will learn some of the best techniques to help you study better so you can get an A+ on your next exam.

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            September 2012

            • Are Ivy League Colleges Worth the Money?

              Sep 25, 2012 – Deciding on whether or not Ivy League colleges are worth the money tends to be a matter of perspective and personal preference. With that said, there are some concrete benefits and drawbacks that every potential applicant should consider prior to making a decision.

            • Common Study Mistakes That All Freshmen Make

              Sep 21, 2012 – Freshmen tend to enter college with study habits that might have worked in high school - college is a different ballgame, though. These common study mistakes should be avoided.

            • 5 Easy Ways Students Can Save Money on Clothing

              Sep 17, 2012 – You're a college student, so having lots of cash to just splurge on clothing may not be possible. But what if you could wear the latest fashions without spending much? Read this blog to learn some non-traditional ways you can save money on clothing and still look 'fly'.

            • Free Days College Students Should Know About

              Sep 12, 2012 – When it comes to getting outside and engaging in activities, there are plenty of free days college students should know about. These free days can be found at museums and zoos, among other places.

            • The Hidden Costs of Student Organizations

              Sep 06, 2012 – College is the perfect time to join up with something new. So many clubs, teams and organizations to choose from! But beware. Even free student organizations could have hidden fees just waiting to empty your wallet, and you might never guess how.

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            August 2012

            • Students: What's Your Time Worth?

              Aug 24, 2012 – Money is a limited resource for college students, but so is time. This article explores some things that students might do to save one, but ends up making them spend a lot of the other. Figure out how you can make more efficient use of your time and save on both resources.

            • Does Groupon Really Save You Money?

              Aug 17, 2012 – One of the best ways to save money, especially for college students, is to use coupons. With coupon and discount sites springing up all over the Internet, it's often difficult to see how some deals just aren't worth the spending. Here are a few tips for making sure those coupons are put to good use, and you don't spend extra money.

            • 5 Expensive Habits All College Students Should Avoid

              Aug 15, 2012 – College can be a time of freedom to explore. But sometimes this exploration can lead to picking up bad habits. Read this blog to find out what habits you should stay clear of that will not only help you save money, but will be better for your health.

            • IN Defense of Living at 五福彩票通用版1.0下载 While in College

              Aug 14, 2012 – Not all college students have the option of staying in their parents' 五福彩票通用版1.0下载s while going to college. However, if you do, here are some good reasons you should consider keeping your old room instead of moving into a dorm.

            • The Unexpected Benefits of Being a Lazy Student

              Aug 13, 2012 – Although it may seem slightly tongue-in-cheek, there are a few unexpected benefits of being a lazy student. Take your time. Put it off. Keep your mind on the goal. Alas, let's dive in and find out what we mean, shall we?

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            July 2012

            • 3 Reasons to Keep Your Body and Wallet Healthy

              Jul 30, 2012 – Not only can many of your favorite foods and drinks pose a health risk if consumed in high proportions, but the recurring cost could leave your bank account looking very lean. This blog provides some realistic info on the amount of calories and fat in popular food choices as well as tips on how you could eat healthier for less.

            • How Many Scholarships Should You Apply For?

              Jul 27, 2012 – Deciding on how many scholarships to apply for might be a matter of personal preference. However, don't overwhelm yourself before you've even been accepted. Here are some things to think about, when it comes to applying for college scholarships.

            • On-Campus or Off-Campus: Which Saves More Money?

              Jul 26, 2012 – A major factor in deciding whether to live on campus or off campus is how much money you are willing to spend. We've detailed some things you should consider when making this decision, like commuting time, financial aid and the cost of the city itself.

            • 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Student Housing

              Jul 20, 2012 – When you're looking for student housing, there are plenty of things to keep in mind to make sure you find a place that's right for you. Some things to consider include size, rent and location. We'll go over there and other aspects in this article.

            • The College Decision Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

              Jul 18, 2012 – There might be a great many questions floating around in your mind while you're researching which college to attend. In this article, we list some pointers on making your decision a little easier.

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            June 2012

            • How Much Does Your TV Affect Your Spending Habits?

              Jun 28, 2012 – You might not have considered this, but the TV shows you watch tend to affect your spending habits. They might influence you subliminally or skew your thoughts in ways that are unrealistic and shallow.

            • Can Your Facebook Page Help You Earn a Scholarship?

              Jun 26, 2012 – Social networking connects people from countries all over the world. Along with seeing what old friends are up to, Facebook addicts can like movies, television shows, games and products. With so many opportunities available to spread news, it's not surprising that Facebook is becoming a place where students can find scholarships. The following are a few Facebook accounts that you may want to like.

            • 5 Personal Finance Resources for College Students

              Jun 25, 2012 – Learning how to manage your finances while in college can give you an advantage for when you enter the real world. This blog offers some resources you can take advantage of to learn more about money management, such as online magazines and tools, and listening to an audio book from a renowned financial advisor.

            • Budget-Friendly Fun After School

              Jun 22, 2012 – There are plenty of opportunities for free time around your college studies. However, will you be able to do anything it is actually free during your free time? We've listed some free and inexpensive ideas for your consideration.

            • How to Use the College Net Cost Calculator

              Jun 20, 2012 – Using CollegeData's College Net Cost Calculator is a great way to find out how much a specific college will cost you. By giving you detailed information about college costs and financial aid packages, you'll be able to find out what you'd end up paying out-of-pocket.

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            May 2012

            • Easy and Affordable Ways to Stay Safe on Campus

              May 31, 2012 – There are many easy and affordable ways for students to stay safe on campus when they finally go away to college. Here are a few things to consider in order to remain secure and aware of your surroundings.

            • 10 Scholarships with the Best Bang for Your Buck

              May 25, 2012 – Searching for scholarships for college can be an intimidating process. We've listed these great scholarship opportunities that could potentially provide you with the most bang for your buck.

            • Why Your Scholarship Process Should Be Like the 'Amazing Race'

              May 23, 2012 – How is applying for scholarships like competing in the reality television game show 'The Amazing Race'? The two have much more in common than you might think. Learn how applying strategies from the Emmy Award-winning TV program to scholarship applications can improve your odds of bringing 五福彩票通用版1.0下载 big scholarship dollars.

            • Which School Activities Give Students the Best Return on Investment?

              May 17, 2012 – Getting a return on your investment might seem like a foreign concept to students. But that's what college is - an investment in your future. Read on to learn how to make the most of it.

            • 10 Scholarships for International Students

              May 14, 2012 – If you'd like to spend a month (or semester or year) in a foreign country五福彩票通用版1.0下载, there are a number of scholarships available. While some may require membership in an organization or participation in a specific study abroad program, others can be applied to almost any overseas study program.

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            April 2012

            • When Should I Start Looking for College Financial Aid?

              Apr 27, 2012 – It's never too early to start planning how you will pay for college. The earlier you start, the more financial aid resources you can find. Read this blog to learn some tips on what to do to seek the financial aid you need.

            • How to Keep School Expenses Down in a Tech World

              Apr 26, 2012 – Keeping school expenses down in a technology-driven world can be a little tricky at first. However, once you've researched certain products, retailers and other websites, you should have a better idea of how to spend and save.

            • 10 Colleges with the Best ROI

              Apr 24, 2012 – Just like a mutual fund or roth-IRA, a college education is an investment. If you want to choose your school based on the profitability of your degree down the line, check out these ten schools.

            • Why IT Pays (Literally) for Students to Get Good College Grades

              Apr 20, 2012 – Getting good grades in college is an extremely helpful factor when it comes to earning a living. The better your grades in school, the better your chances will be to have a successful and rewarding career.

            • 10 Majors with the Best ROI

              Apr 19, 2012 – Ever heard the phrase 'you get what you pay for?' While that may be true for many college degrees, the bachelor's degrees listed in this article can earn you a little bit more. And, you don't necessarily have to pay more to get it.

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            March 2012

            • How Public Transportation Can Save Students Time and Money

              Mar 29, 2012 – Having your own car to drive has it's benefits. But let's not forget the hassle of being stuck in traffic. Why not save yourself the road rage and let someone else do the driving by taking public transit. You may even be surprised at how much fatter your wallet looks at all the money you save.

            • What To Do if You Can't Afford Your Student Loan Payments

              Mar 26, 2012 – That dreaded student loan bill comes in the mail and you panic. Do you just ignore it because you can't pay it anyway, or is there something you can do? Get some advice on how to proceed if you find yourself in a bind regarding your student loan payments.

            • The Student Saver's Scholarship Alerts

              Mar 16, 2012 – What's better than free money? Perhaps the value of a college education. You can get both by winning scholarship contests. Read this blog to learn about some of the top scholarships available to college degree-seeking students.

            • What High School Seniors Should Know About Paying for College

              Mar 15, 2012 – There is plenty to read about, when it comes to what high school seniors should know about paying for college. The more you can learn, grasp and understand, the better off your finances will be when you make the transition to higher learning.

            • Student Saver's Top 10 Articles on Financial Aid

              Mar 14, 2012 – The Student Savers blog offers advice for individuals who are considering financial aid for college. Some topics include the FAFSA application, which college offers the best financial aid packages, and more.

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            February 2012

            January 2012

            • 10 Top Online Money-Saving Resources for College Students

              Jan 31, 2012 – Using the internet can certainly save a student time and energy in activities such as course research and shopping. It can also save money. These sites offer tips to save, deals and coupons, and even rewards for doing some of the things you already do.

            • Save Money with Free Books From the Open Library

              Jan 30, 2012 – Purchasing textbooks can become one of those college expenses that keeps growing and growing. But what if you could get the book you need without spending any money? With Open Library, you can do just that. Continue reading to learn more about this cost-saving resource.

            • 5 Great Podcasts for Frugal Students

              Jan 27, 2012 – Getting every penny's worth out of your money is a must when you're a college student on a shoestring budget. So wouldn't it be helpful to learn how to manage your money now and learn skills for when you leave college as well? Read this blog to get an overview of podcasts that touch on a variety of financial topics.

            • Could Buying an IPad Actually Save Students Money?

              Jan 26, 2012 – Getting an iPad can set students back between $500 and $850 depending upon the model purchased. But can buying Apple's uber-cool tablet actually allow individuals to save money during college? Learn about some useful iPad applications that could help to make buying the device a wise financial move.

            • 10 Reasons Why Online College Courses Save You Money

              Jan 25, 2012 – Saving money throughout your college experience can be a huge issue. Taking classes online might be a worthwhile consideration. Here are some ways that online college courses can save you money.

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            December 2011

            November 2011

            • Apply for the Starving Student Scholarship!

              Nov 30, 2011 – If you're interested in receiving some money for college, then this scholarship might be for you! In this article we've listed some information about the Starving Student scholarship.

            • New Years Resolutions for Student Success in 2012

              Nov 30, 2011 – Out with the old and in with the new. What will 2012 bring for you? Now's the time to decide that for yourself and make a change for the better in your student career. Stick with these simple New Year's resolutions and you're bound to see a difference.

            • How to Get Your Standardized Test Fees Waived

              Nov 30, 2011 – If you are looking to take standardized tests but are inhibited by the fees involved, then you might look into how your test fees can be waived. Here are some options for taking the SAT, ACT, or GRE.

            • Choose Your Classes Wisely and Graduate on Time!

              Nov 29, 2011 – Most colleges emphasize the importance of graduating on time, and students have a lot to gain from doing so. Finishing on schedule allows grads to avoid incurring thousands in additional college costs and get their careers underway, thereby making money instead of spending it. Here are some questions that can help students determine whether they're on track to graduate on time.

            • Is IT More Important to Be Involved in Campus Activities or to Get a Job?

              Nov 29, 2011 – Deciding whether or not to be involved in campus activities or to get a job can be a difficult choice for some. We've listed some pros and cons for each to help you decide.

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            October 2011

            • 5 Ways the Internet Is Saving You Money (and 3 Ways It's Costing You More!)

              Oct 31, 2011 – The Internet is a valuable resource for college students, but it can also be a cash sink if you're not careful. In this article, read about the best and worst ways the Internet impacts your finances.

            • Having a Pet While in College: Worth the Expense?

              Oct 28, 2011 – Having a pet while in college might seem like something universally acceptable and worthwhile. However, each school's individual policies on having pets on campus is different. Find out more with this article designed for your benefit.

            • How to Make Money Without Getting a Job

              Oct 27, 2011 – If you think there might not be a way for you to make money without getting a job, think again. We've come up with more than a few ways for you to earn some cash without full-time employment.

            • 5 Reasons to Open a Savings Account Now

              Oct 26, 2011 – College students have limited finances, which may make them believe that there is no point in opening a savings account until after graduation. However, having limited finances means it is even more important to make smart decisions with your money. This article offers up five advantages to having a savings account while still in college.

            • A Surprising Product That Can Help Students Save Money

              Oct 25, 2011 – Students, is your laundry hamper stinky? Got bad morning breath? That athlete's foot bugging you? There's one low priced product that can help clean up all these problems, and you might never guess what it is!

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            September 2011

            • Beef Up Your Ramen Without Slimming Down Your Wallet

              Sep 30, 2011 – There are plenty of ways you can make your ramen noodles healthier and more appetizing. Some ideas mentioned here include adding protein or vegetables.

            • How to Make Ramen Without a Stove

              Sep 29, 2011 – Want to cook some ramen, but don't have access to an electric or gas stove? Here's an easy way to cook ramen noodles without using a stove. All you need is a microwave or an electric kettle, and you're good to go!

            • 5 Tips For Saving Time on College 五福彩票通用版1.0下载work

              Sep 28, 2011 – The learning methods used for college tend to differ from those deployed in high school. One of the biggest differences is that more learning time is spent on 五福彩票通用版1.0下载work than in the classroom. This article offers five tips to help you cut down on 五福彩票通用版1.0下载work time without compromising your education.

            • What Every College Student Should Know About Credit Cards

              Sep 27, 2011 – Every college student should realize that credit cards are simply money that you're required to pay back later on. Although, used with discipline and responsibility, credit cards can be a beneficial resource in case of some sort of financial emergency.

            • Need Money for School? Get Sponsored!

              Sep 26, 2011 – Many college students work part- or full-time while they attend school in order to help pay their tuition or just to have some extra spending money. These days, opportunities go beyond working in the mall or the university library. Read on for information about companies that sponsor students to promote their brands.

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            August 2011

            • NYT Offers Fun Online Student Crosswords

              Aug 15, 2011 – Education aficionados and news junkies alike can benefit from 'The New York Times' education blog The Learning Network, which offers daily lesson plans and other classroom material based on Times stories. Among the features found on The Learning Network are engaging bi-weekly crossword puzzles meant to test the knowledge of students in middle school and up.

            • Do Apps Just Help or Do They Help Cheat?

              Aug 03, 2011 – Mobile apps give users a huge wealth of information right at their fingertips. Many apps have an educational purpose and can help students succeed in their courses. But is all of this readily available information also helping some students cheat on their school assignments and tests?

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            July 2011

            • E-Book Library: Academic Presses Rent E-Textbooks

              Jul 22, 2011 – Although e-books are touted as an inexpensive alternative to regular textbooks, the used and rental marketplaces have helped 'real' books continue to dominate academia. A few academic presses are hoping to change that by offering short-term e-book rentals.

            • MyEdu: A New College Success Tool

              Jul 22, 2011 – Among the most prohibitive barriers college students face is the cost of an education. For many, that issue's compounded by spending more time in school than they really have to. Only a few more than half the country五福彩票通用版1.0下载's college students graduate in six years or less; for 4-year learners, that number's lower than 40%. Michael Crosno, a former business teacher, captains a website designed to cut college costs by helping students choose the quickest path to graduation. The site: MyEdu.

            • College Students Help Provide Free Online Tutoring Through Learn To Be Foundation

              Jul 21, 2011 – Elementary and middle school students in need of educational help can log onto the Learn To Be Foundation's website. Once there, these students can take part in online sessions with certified tutors, some of which are college students. And the best part is the service is totally free.

            • Unusual Mobile Apps That Can Improve Your Life

              Jul 13, 2011 – One of the main reasons for wanting a smartphone is the ability to do so many different things with your phone. There are some unusual apps out there that are worth taking a look at because they just might make your life easier. Here are some of the areas you can get help in.

            • New York Public Library Introduces New Smartphone Apps

              Jul 08, 2011 – The New York Public Library, one of the largest public library systems in North America and undoubtedly a research center for scores of college students, is making it easier to access information and the library's online catalog via a recently-announced smartphone app. Two other apps were also introduced within a six-week period, marking the library's continued march into the digital age.

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            June 2011

            • The 2-Year 4-Year Degree: Florida Community Colleges Offer Undergraduate Programs

              Jun 29, 2011 – One of the standby debates in higher education is whether colleges should provide a broad liberal arts experience or concentrate specifically on job training. A decade-long project in Florida may have scored a serious point for the latter. Currently 19 community colleges in the state offer 4-year bachelor's degree programs linked specifically to the needs of the local economy. So far the program seems to be working tremendously.

            • Gadgets That Will Make Your College Life Easier

              Jun 28, 2011 – There's a lot to handle while in college. You have to attend classes, take notes, complete assignments and study for tests, among other things. Luckily there are some gadgets out there that can help make things easier.

            • Great Dictionary Apps for Students and Parents

              Jun 27, 2011 – Your smartphone can do more than just keep you connected with friends and family. It can also help you settle arguments and expand your vocabulary, thanks to the many wonderful dictionary apps that are available. Check out this list for some tips on what dictionary apps might suit your needs.

            • Should You Attend a Virtual Career Fair?

              Jun 24, 2011 – If you've been wondering about virtual career fairs, then this article is for you. Below, we discuss a few features of the virtual job fair and help students understand what to expect, in order to be better prepared.

            • 10 Quality Job Fields That Require Limited Retraining for Recession Casualties

              Jun 23, 2011 – Recessions have the potential to negatively affect certain employment opportunities, making them harder to come by. However, there are certain job fields that might be advantageous in spite of a recession. These are job fields that require limited retraining, for potentially quick employment.

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            May 2011

            • Career-Seeking: There's an App for That

              May 31, 2011 – Decades ago, preparation for a job interview amounted to little more than putting on your best suit, printing your resume on high-grade paper and wiping your sweaty palms on your pants before entering the interviewer's office. Today, you can run through practice questions and answers, research company websites and even use GPS technology to find coffee shops near your next interview site, all at your fingertips. Welcome五福彩票通用版1.0下载 to 'Job Seeking in the 21st Century'.

            • Amazing Tech Shortcuts That Can Make Your Life Easier

              May 31, 2011 – For novice or moderate computer users, it can seem like computer tasks are more cumbersome than they should be. This list is designed to introduce some quick tricks that can streamline computer use. If you're a seasoned computer user, you probably use most, if not all, of these tricks and shortcuts. But you never know - there might be something on this list that you don't know yet.

            • JUMP Math: Dr. John Mighton Makes Math Accessible for All

              May 25, 2011 – Like many people, Dr. John Mighton grew up struggling with math. But rather than conclude that he simply lacked innate mathematical talent, Dr. Mighton earned his doctoral degree in math and went on to develop a revolutionary new education program called JUMP Math. Now he and JUMP are working worldwide to dispel the myth that some people just aren't good at math.

            • Tour These College Campuses From Your Smartphone

              May 25, 2011 – Thanks to your smartphone, a campus 'visit' doesn't necessarily require you to shell out for a plane ticket. Here's a list of some mobile apps that deliver virtual campus tours.

            • Open Education at MIT: Inside the Gallery of Educational Innovation

              May 19, 2011 – Though several institutions around the world have significant caches of OER (Open Educational Resources), few have embraced them as much as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Among their many contributions to the OER world is the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology's Gallery of Educational Innovation (GoEI), which hosts open projects that aim to improve education worldwide. Here are a few of the projects you can find at the GoEI.

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            March 2011

            • The Khan Academy: A New Approach To Online Learning

              Mar 28, 2011 – You may not think of hedge fund analysts as harbingers of an educational revolution, but one such professional, Salman Khan, has taken steps to change the way we learn. Through a series of YouTube tutorials, Khan has benefited millions of teachers and students. Read on to learn more about his efforts and philosophy.

            • Free Audio Books: Poetry

              Mar 18, 2011 – Some of the world's most well-known poetry is available or free, as an audio book. Such titles discussed in this article include Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, and 五福彩票通用版1.0下载r's The Illiad and The Odyssey.

            • Free Audio Books: Classic European Literature

              Mar 17, 2011 – Classic European literature can be listened to for free, with a variety of options and titles in the audio book format. Included in this article are 'Don Quixote, ' 'Crime and Punishment, ' and 'The Count of Monte Cristo. '

            • Free Audio Books: Classic British Literature

              Mar 16, 2011 – Classic British literature can be found online for free, in the form of an audio book. Titles discussed in this article include 'Pride and Prejudice,' 'Jane Eyre,' 'Wuthering Heights,' and 'Robinson Crusoe.'

            • Free Audio Books: Short Stories

              Mar 15, 2011 – Many short stories can now be found online for free, in an audio format. Listed in this article are a few popular short stories from different authors, from America, Europe and Russia.

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            January 2011

            • The Best Free Online Puzzles

              Jan 28, 2011 – Are you an enigmatology enthusiast? (For the uninitiated, that means someone who is passionate about puzzles.) Then National Puzzle Day, celebrated January 29th, is your time to shine. Celebrate by seeing how you fare trying these fun free online puzzles.

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            December 2010

            • 5 Colleges with Free Audio Lectures

              Dec 29, 2010 – You don't have to sit in a classroom to listen to lectures from top university professors and renowned speakers. Many universities put their lectures on platforms like iTunes U as podcasts. Some schools also have a dedicated website where you can view recent and archive lectures in audio and video format.

            • Want a Free Laptop? Go to College!

              Dec 10, 2010 – Students entering today's workforce must have computer skills that extend beyond the basics. Colleges throughout the U.S. recognize this and are increasingly incorporating technology into the curriculum. Many schools even issue students laptops for completing their studies. Read about some of these programs.

            • Now It's Personal: Personal Statement Help Online

              Dec 09, 2010 – College application deadlines are fast approaching. For many students applying to undergrad and graduate programs, the personal statement is the most daunting part of the process. Here are some useful online resources for writing a great personal statement.

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