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            Teaching and School Administration FAQs

            Child Care Management FAQs 26 Articles

            Early Childhood Education FAQs 50 Articles

            Educational Administration FAQs 70 Articles

            Educational Leadership FAQs 20 Articles

            Elementary School Teaching FAQs 41 Articles

            ESL Teacher FAQs 25 Articles

            Instructional Design and Technology FAQs 40 Articles

            Librarian and Library Science FAQs 38 Articles

            Physical Education and Sports FAQs 93 Articles

            School Counseling and Guidance FAQs 63 Articles

            Substitute Teaching FAQs 6 Articles

            Teacher Assistant FAQs 11 Articles

            Teaching (For Specific Subject Areas) FAQs 111 Articles

            Teaching Special Education FAQs 27 Articles

            Teaching and School Administration FAQs articles

            Art Teacher Certification

            An art teacher certification qualifies you to teach art and opens up teaching avenues. Learn more about the available programs, online study options, the certification process, as well as common course topics and career prospects.

            Assistant Professor: Salary and Career Facts

            Explore the career requirements for assistant professors. Get the facts about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

            Associate Degree in Secondary Education

            An associate's degree in secondary education can get you started on a teaching career at the high school level, though you'll need to complete a bachelor's degree to become a licensed teacher. Read on to learn more about 2-year degree programs in...

            Bachelor of Education Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Find out about bachelor's program options for aspiring teachers and the classes offered in these programs. Learn about available online programs and how they work. Get information about licensure requirements.

            Bachelor's Degrees in K-12 Education

            To become a K-12 teacher you will need to acquire a bachelor's degree and pass a state licensing exam. Learn about these requirements and the opportunities available to teachers.

            Bachelor's Degrees in Teaching: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Through a bachelor's degree program in teaching, you can prepare to teach elementary, middle or secondary school-age children. Explore online and on-campus degree programs in teaching, and find out how you can complete the student-teaching...

            Careers in Curriculum and Instruction

            Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in curriculum and instruction. Read on to learn more about career options along with education requirements and job outlook information.

            Careers in Teaching Children with Autism

            Explore the career requirements for teaching children with autism. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

            College Instructor Jobs: Career and Education Facts

            With enough experience and education in your chosen field, you can become a college instructor and pass along your excitement and knowledge to the next generation of students. Read on to find out how you can become a college instructor. See the...

            Credentialing Specialist Training and Certification Program Facts

            A credentialing specialist works with healthcare facilities, performing duties such as developing and monitoring credentialing procedures for the institution, physicians or other service providers. Find out about the degrees, training and...

            Curriculum and Instruction Degree and Certificate Programs

            Through a graduate certificate, master's degree or doctoral degree program in curriculum and instruction, you can gain the skills necessary to develop curricula. Learn about these programs and their requirements.

            Curriculum Development Training Programs

            Curriculum development specialists help schools plan a course of study, as well as design instructional tools. Learn about graduate programs in this advanced field of education. Review the coursework in a curriculum development program, and get...

            Degrees in K-12 Education

            Find out what training you need to teach at the K-12 level. Learn more about your degree options in the education field, including online learning options. Get details about the curriculum for each type of education program.

            Do I Need a Certification to be a College Professor?

            Unlike elementary and high school teachers, college professors typically do not require a teaching certification. Academic professors within colleges and universities are required to complete postsecondary education and training. However,...

            Do I Need Certification to be a Gym Teacher?

            As a gym teacher, you would be a certified teacher trained in physical education. As with all teachers, you must hold a bachelor's degree and be licensed to teach. Certified gym teachers are trained to teach all grade levels and may be eligible...

            Do You Need a Degree in Education to Be a Teacher?

            Learn about the alternative teacher certification programs available to professionals with graduate-level education, work experience or a bachelor's degree in another subject. Find out about your options for a teaching career, even if you don't...

            Doctor of Education: Salary and Career Facts

            Find out what you can do with a Doctor of Education degree. Check out program requirements, state licensing regulations, career options and earning potential.

            Doctoral Degrees in Education: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            A doctoral degree in education can prepare you to work in an academic setting or for a career in research. Learn about doctoral degree options in numerous areas of education and the requirements for these degrees. Find out about specializations...

            Drama Teacher Certification and Education Requirements

            Drama teachers must be certified or licensed to teach in public schools at the elementary through secondary levels, which typically requires a bachelor's degree and supervised teaching experience. Read on for more information on how to enter this...

            Earning a Teaching Credential Online

            An online teaching credential program provides a flexible means of taking state-required teacher certification courses without starting your college education from scratch. Get the facts about classes and requirements.

            Graduate Courses for Teachers

            Graduate courses for teachers can provide an in-depth look at pedagogy and help keep your teaching license current. If you aspire to teach, you can take courses to become certified. Read on for information about typical graduate courses for...

            High School Activities Director: Salary and Career Facts

            Research what it takes to become a high school activities director. Learn about salary and employment requirements to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Can I Become a College Professor?

            Explore what it takes to become a college professor. Learn about education requirements, job outlook and salary potential to determine if this might be the right career path for you.

            How Can I Become a Junior High Teacher?

            Explore the career requirements for junior high school teachers. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

            How Can I Become a Teacher for the Army?

            Find out how both civilians and military personnel could have opportunities to teach military students through Army, government and school programs. Continue reading to learn about your options including job titles and types of teaching jobs...

            How Can I Become an Adjunct Professor?

            Explore the career requirements for adjunct professors. Get the facts about job duties, education requirements, professional licensure, salary and employment outlook to determine if this is the right field for you.

            How Can I Become an Associate Professor?

            Research what it takes to become an associate professor. Learn about the education requirements, salary, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Can I Become Certified to Teach in Elementary Schools?

            Entering a teacher education program is the pathway to working with elementary children, but this is only the beginning. An internship and license finalize your qualifications to teach children. To round out your qualifications, you have the...

            How Can I Earn an Emergency Teaching Credential?

            The path for becoming a teacher will depend on the state in which you plan to teach and what type of credential you plan to seek. Emergency teaching credentials can give individuals the opportunity to substitute teach. This lesson looks at how to...

            How Can I Get a Teaching Certification?

            Find out the education and training required to become a teacher. Learn about state licensure and certification options for teaching in public and private schools.

            How Do I Become a Credentialing Specialist?

            Research what it takes to become a credentialing specialist. Learn about the education requirements, job duties and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Do I Become a Dance Teacher?

            To become a dance teacher, you'll need years of dance experience, training, and dedication to qualify. Read on to find out more about dance teachers' responsibilities, as well as degree programs that can prepare you for a professional career....

            How Do I Become a Teacher?

            Becoming a teacher requires a combination of postsecondary education and training on how to be an effective teacher. Read on to learn more about how to become a teacher.

            How Do I Become a Vocational Training Teacher?

            Research what it takes to become a vocational training teacher. Learn about education and training requirements, job duties and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Do I Become an Aerobics Instructor?

            Research what it takes to become an aerobics instructor. Learn about job outlook, salary, education requirements and certification to find out if this is the career for you.

            How Do I Obtain a Teaching Credential Online?

            Because student teaching is a required component of teacher training and certification, you cannot obtain a teaching credential exclusively online. However, a large portion of the coursework in a teacher training program sometimes can be...

            Junior High Teacher: Salary and Career Facts

            Explore the career requirements for junior high school teachers. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

            K-12 Education Master's Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

            Read about your master's degree options in K-12 education. Explore on-campus and online program formats, learn about the typical coursework, find out what salary you might expect and what jobs you could pursue with a master's degree in K-12...

            M.Ed. In Secondary Curriculum Instruction

            Learn what a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction can do for you. Find out about this degree program, including required classes and online options.

            Master's in Education: Salary and Career Facts

            Learn about the career opportunities available to teachers who hold master's degrees. Explore state licensing requirements, average salaries for teaching at different levels, career opportunities and job duties.

            Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Teaching

            Get information about online programs that could allow you earn a bachelor's degree in teaching. Find out about courses offered and licensure requirements.

            Online Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

            Discover options for continuing education courses that can help you improve your teaching skills and meet state licensing requirements. Learn about the technology required to take these classes, as well.

            Online Continuing Education Courses for Teachers: Your Questions Answered

            Find out about online continuing education courses for teachers. Get information about the topics discussed in these classes along with the technology requirements to take these courses.

            Online Courses to Become an Educational Diagnostician

            Learn how online classes that prepare you to become an educational diagnostician can teach you to help children and adults overcome their learning disabilities. See what related degree programs are available and get online learning information too.

            Online Doctorate Programs in Teaching

            Explore your online options for doctoral study in the education field. Check the prerequisites for these programs, review the typical coursework, and find out how online degree programs in teaching work. Explore career and salary info for...

            Online Graduate Degrees in Education

            There are many online master's and doctoral programs available in education that allow you to choose specializations in your area of interest. Explore your program options, review typical graduate coursework in education, and find out how online...

            Online K-12 Education Degree Programs

            In addition to programs in elementary or secondary instruction, available distance-learning programs in K-12 education allow you to pursue study in various specialties. Review your options for online learning in the education field, and find out...

            Online Masters Degrees in Education

            Read about your various master's degree options in the education field, such as Master of Arts and Master of Education programs. Check the admission requirements for online programs, and review some course topics you'd study as a graduate...

            Online Professors: Salary and Career Facts

            Learn about a career as an online professor. Examine the qualifications, job opportunities, typical job duties, and earnings potential for professors who teach online classes.

            Online School Administrator Certification

            Educators who already have a master's degree can apply to an online school administrator certification program to gain additional knowledge or licensure as a principal or superintendent. Read on for details about the requirements for...

            Online Secondary Education Degree Programs

            Learn about the online degree options available to you and the topics you could study as an aspiring secondary school teacher. Find out how online programs work in this field. Get detailed info on the coursework in undergraduate and graduate...

            Online Teacher Preparation Programs

            An online post-bachelor's teacher preparation program develops your teaching skills and prepares you to teach at the elementary, middle or secondary school level. Learn about program options.

            Online Teaching Certificate and Certification Programs

            Online teaching certificate programs allow recent college grads and career changers to become certified teachers. State-approved teaching certification programs require significant student teaching, so learn about your options.

            Online Teaching Degrees and Certificate Programs

            Online bachelor's and master's programs can prepare teachers for licensure in specific subjects or help practicing teachers advance their knowledge and skills. Get information on program options and licensure requirements.

            Online Undergraduate Teaching Degree Programs

            Read about the wide variety of associate's and bachelor's degree programs in teaching that you can pursue online. Keep in mind that these programs will likely include some in-person requirements, such as a student-teaching experience. Get more...

            Part-Time PhD Programs in Education

            Learn about your options for earning a doctorate in education on a part-time basis. Find out about the requirements for these programs along with typically required classes.

            Preschool Teacher Certification and Classes

            Get information on the education and training required for obtaining state certification as a preschool teacher. See what classes are mandated, and find out if online training options are available.

            Schools with Online Teaching Degrees

            Read about undergraduate and graduate teaching degree programs offered in an online format. Check the prerequisites and length of these programs, and learn whether online programs prepare you for licensure as a teacher. Find out how online degree...

            Secondary Education Degrees

            Secondary education degree programs provide preparation for middle and high school teachers. Learn about the degrees available and the licensure requirements for teaching in secondary schools.

            Spanish Teaching Certification Programs

            Spanish teachers instruct students on vocabulary, syntax and grammar, and they also apply creative and memorable techniques to teach about Spanish cultures, history and literature. Learn more about degree programs in this field, licensure and the...

            Student Activities Coordinator: Salary and Career Facts

            Explore the career requirements for student activities coordinators. Get the facts about job duties, education requirements and salary information to determine if this is the right career for you.

            Teacher Education: Certification and Career Facts

            Each state sets its own regulations for teacher training. Read on to learn about the common requirements, such as completing a teacher education degree program and earning licensure or certification. Explore the path to becoming a teacher, and...

            Teacher Specialist Degree Programs

            Teacher specialist programs allow experienced teachers to hone their expertise in a specific study area or to enhance their leadership skills in preparation for supervisory roles. Degree programs for teacher specialists are available on the...

            Vocational Teacher Training and Courses

            Vocational teachers instruct students in practical career skills in areas like technology, healthcare and construction. Read on for more information on how to become a vocational teacher, including experience requirements, licensure standards and...

            Vocational Teaching Certification and Certificate Programs

            Find out how to become a teacher for a vocational training program and explore various vocational areas that you could teach. Get information on career options and see what you'll need to do to earn state certification.

            What are Popular Continuing Education Courses for Teachers?

            If you're currently employed at a public school, continuing education coursework may be necessary in order to retain your license. Read on to learn about some of the more popular continuing education subjects you might study.

            What Are Some Career Advancement Options for Teachers?

            Are you unsure what teachers can do to advance in their careers? Are you looking to extend your influence and job opportunities after building some teaching experience? If you answered yes to these questions, then keep reading to learn about...

            What Are Some Continuing Education Options for Teachers?

            As a teacher, you'll continue taking courses or even earning additional degrees to improve your teaching practice throughout your career. As part of your continuing education, you may master new learning technologies, deepen your subject matter...

            What are Some Graduate Courses for Teachers?

            Read about different types of graduate courses for teachers and education administrators. Get details on common course topics, and learn more about career requirements for teachers in general.

            What Are the Best Undergraduate Teaching Schools?

            Find out what to look for in a good undergraduate teaching program. Read about three schools with top programs in this field, as determined by their national rankings. Review the undergraduate teaching programs offered by these three schools.

            What Are the Certification Requirements for Bilingual Teachers?

            If you're interested in other cultures or come from a multicultural background, read on to learn about a bilingual teaching career. Find out about certification and education requirements for this field.

            What Are the Different Types of Teaching Degrees?

            There are several types of teaching degrees and each one leads to a different career path. Read on to learn about how to become a teacher, including the common teaching degree types, what grade level they're suitable for, and other requirements.

            What are the Job Duties of a School Admissions Director?

            The school admissions director is responsible for recruiting students, evaluating potential students, and admitting students to the school. Specific job duties vary. This article discusses some typical duties of the school admissions director.

            What are the Job Duties of School Administrators?

            School administrator responsibilities contribute towards helping students learn in a safe and organized setting. Explore the duties, requirements, and salaries that encompass a school administrator job description.

            What are the Job Requirements for a Teacher?

            Specific job requirements for teachers vary by state and level of education. The most traditional path involves graduating from an accredited education program and earning state licensure, but alternate licensing routes might be available for...

            What Are the Required Certifications for Computer Teachers?

            Computer teachers are experienced in computer use and trained to share their knowledge with students. Obtaining the necessary education and experience can provide a firm foundation for teaching. Additionally, voluntary certification might enhance...

            What Are the Requirements to be a Middle School Teacher?

            You can become a middle school teacher with the right education and certification or licensure. Read on to learn more about degree programs, curriculum and licensing requirements for middle school teachers.

            What are the Requirements to Become a Gym Teacher?

            Gym teachers, also called physical education teachers, provide students in kindergarten through 12th grade instruction in physical fitness, sports, and health. Requirements for becoming a gym teacher vary by state. This article discusses...

            What Are the Requirements to Become a Private School Teacher?

            Find out the education and certification requirements for becoming a teacher in a private school. Discover the daily responsibilities of private school teachers.

            What Are the Requirements to Get a Teaching Credential?

            Completing a postsecondary degree program specific to teaching is the prerequisite route for acquiring teaching credentials. Read on for more information about educational options and requirements.

            What are the Types of Graduate School Teaching Programs?

            An educator who is interested in advancing his or her knowledge or possibly moving into an education administration position must usually complete a graduate school program in education. Read on to find out more about the types of programs that...

            What Can I Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching?

            Equipped with a bachelor's degree in teaching, you'll be prepared to make a contribution in many educational environments. You could become licensed to teach elementary, middle, high school or vocational school students, depending on your area...

            What Can I Do with an Associate's Degree in Teaching Education?

            An associate's degree in teaching education may qualify students for entry-level careers or four-year teacher education programs. From there, they could go on to pursue a variety of teaching positions that don't necessarily require licensure....

            What Certification Do I Need to be a Lead Teacher?

            Lead teachers mentor new or fledgling teachers and are often part of a school's administration. Certificate programs are available that can train you to work as a lead teacher in a variety of subjects or in early childhood education. Read more...

            What Classes Do I Need to Earn a TESOL Teacher Certificate?

            Learn about the pedagogy and language classes offered in campus-based, online and blended-format bachelor's degree or post-baccalaureate certificate programs that can qualify you to seek a teaching certification endorsement for Teaching English...

            What Degree is Required to Become a Teacher?

            Find out what it takes to become an elementary or secondary school teacher. Learn about your education options, and discover state licensure and certification requirements for teachers.

            What Do Gym Teachers Do?

            Gym teachers are responsible for the health and physical education component at most public and private schools. They lead classes in physical education, health and nutrition, and are responsible for extra-curricular sport activities and...

            What Do I Need for an ESL Certification?

            English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers teach English to non-English speaking students. You can qualify to be an (ESL) teacher by earning a bachelor's degree and taking additional specialized courses. Depending on where you'd like to work,...

            What Does a Certified Health Education Specialist Do?

            In a career as a certified health education specialist, you help others achieve their maximum health and wellness through educational programs and guidance. Read the following article to learn about the responsibilities, educational requirements,...

            What Education is Needed for College Professors?

            The requirements to teach college vary by institution and content area. Here, we explore how to become a college professor and explain some of the different titles and terms for professors.

            What is a Certified Credentialing Specialist?

            Explore the career requirements for certified credentialing specialists. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

            What is a Teaching Certificate?

            Some aspiring educators may be confused about the difference between teaching certification and teaching certificates. Teacher certification is another term for the licensure required to teach in public schools, while a teaching certificate is...

            What is an Adjunct Educator?

            This article provides information about what it takes to become an adjunct educator and what this job entails, as well as salary statistics and job growth information. Read on to find out if a job as an adjunct educator is right for you.

            What is an Alternative Teaching Certificate or Degree?

            If you'd like to start a new career as a teacher or if you're unsure about pursuing a traditional teaching degree, you might wish to learn more about alternative teaching certificate and degree programs. These programs allow professionals with a...

            What is an Associate Professor?

            Explore the career requirements for associate professors. Get the facts about duties, education requirements, professional licensure, salaries and the employment outlook to determine if this is the right field for you.

            What is an Education Specialist Degree?

            An education specialist degree is a graduate degree that allows you to work in a focused area of the education field. Read on to learn more about a few of the specializations that are available as part of this graduate degree program.

            What is CPR Teacher Certification?

            You can earn CPR instructor certification through multiple organizations. Learn about the certification process and requirements for these institutions.

            What Is Required for a Substitute Teacher Certification?

            Find out if substitute teaching is for you. Learn the job duties and certification requirements for substitutes, as well as the potential benefits of this career.

            What is the Average Salary of a College Instructor?

            Field of study and type of employer are two factors that affect the average salary of a college instructor. Keep reading to learn more about what you could earn in a postsecondary teaching position.

            What is the Starting Pay for Teachers?

            Your starting pay as a teacher will depend on the level of students you teach, your experience, your education and the location of your job. Generally, high school teachers make a higher starting salary than new middle school teachers, and they...

            What Skills Are Needed to be a Teacher?

            There are many different kinds of teachers, but most of the skills needed to be a teacher are the same across the field of education. Learn about the skills required to be a teacher including patience, communication and physical stamina.

            What Skills Will I Learn in Online Teacher Education Courses?

            Many teachers are required to take continuing education courses and several colleges and universities offer online options. Read on to learn more about online teacher education courses.

            What Training is Necessary to Become an Art Teacher?

            Many art teachers train informally all of their lives, practicing their artistic skills even as young children. However, in order to become an art teacher, one must complete a formal art education degree program and pass appropriate exams. Read...

            What's the Job Description of a Montessori Teacher?

            Explore the career requirements for Montessori teachers. Get the facts about education and training requirements, job duties and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

            What's the Salary of a Middle School Teacher?

            Explore the salary and job outlook for a middle school teacher. Get the facts about job duties and education requirements to determine if this is career is right for you.

            Where Can I Earn an Online Doctorate Degree in Teaching?

            An online doctorate degree in teaching is an option for adults who want to move up the career ladder to administrative positions. A doctoral degree program in teaching may allow the graduate to pursue positions in education at the college or...

            Where Can I Find Free Online Courses for Teachers?

            Online courses for teachers are available for free at institutions like the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Michigan. Interested students can study these courses in order to enlighten their knowledge of teaching...

            Which Schools Offer an Education Specialist Degree Online?

            An Education Specialist (Ed.S) program is a post-master's degree program that can explore a variety of educational topics, including learning technologies, teaching strategies, educational administration and leadership in the classroom. Georgia...

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