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            About  - Our Mission: Saving Students Time and Money

            Each day, tens of thousands of education seekers rely on us to get their academic and career questions answered. We work relentlessly to make quality information available and promote innovations in technology that better enable people to access educational resources.

            Who We Are

            helps almost half a million visitors each month save time and money on their education. Whether you're wondering which degree is right for you, looking for free education, or searching for scholarships, we have what you need. Our team of teachers and professional researchers and writers have put together the Web's best collection of resources that will help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

            Our Team

            Jen Powell

            Jen Powell

            Jen Powell leads and organizes our publishing team. Jen joined after 17 years in the information technology field. Her passion for affordable education drives her to provide the best information possible to education-seekers. An avid user of free online courseware, Jen seeks to bring quality web-based content to all learners.

            Jennifer Moder Jurling

            Jennifer Moser Jurling

            Jennifer Moser Jurling leads and organizes our writers and editors in producing accurate, helpful content. Her goal is for all of our readers to find the education and career that are right for them. Jennifer holds degrees in microbiology and science journalism. Her writing and editing work has ranged from science magazines to community projects.

            Why We Care

            Over the last 30 years, tuition has risen by over 30% at public colleges and universities and 24% at private institutions. An education that would have cost only $7,569 in today's dollars in 1980 now costs over $30,000 a year. A 4-year education can cost more than a small house, and the prices are only going up. Here at , we're arming students with knowledge and information to help them combat skyrocketing costs and save money.

            What We're Doing for You

            Saving You Money

            From finding scholarships to utilizing free Web resources, there are hundreds of ways you can save money on your education - but where to find them? Our Student Saver is the most comprehensive guide to saving money on education. In Student Saver, you can find tips on avoiding non-academic debt, filling out the FAFSA, finding scholarships, and more.

            Answering Your Questions for Free

            Nothing is more financially devastating than a poor decision about what to study or which career to pursue. Our Answers Project, the world's largest academic and career help desk, will arm you with free information to help you make wise decisions. Our team of experts has provided over 18,000 thousand of the best-researched and thorough answers on the Web. We've covered nearly everything, but if you can't find what you're looking for, just ask us on , and we'll research it for you.

            Paying Your Tuition

            Last year, we gave over $7000 in scholarships to students like Mallory Mann, a Finance and Accounting major at University of Louisville, and Elise Strahan, a Computer Information Systems-Software Development student. And we're not done yet - we're giving away thousands more in scholarships this year, too.

            Bringing You World-Class College Courses for Free

            Thanks to the Internet and the openness of top institutions like MIT and University of California - Irvine, you can now get a free world-class education right at your computer. We've put together the best collection of free education resources on the Web and created the Open Education Library. Browse the library for free video courses taught by top instructors on everything from business to engineering.

            How You Can Help

            Do you have ideas that can help students earn their degree more efficiently and affordably? Is there anything you'd like to see on our site? We value your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact五福彩票通用版1.0下载 on . We can't wait to hear from you!

            (650) 488-5017

            655 West Evelyn Avenue
            Mountain View, CA 94041

            Join Our Team

            Click here for information on how to become a member of the Team